At Da Nang International Terminal, we strive to make your wait as pleasant as possible, even with the smallest things. For this reason, shopping carts were placed at various locations to enhance their experience in the duty-free areas.

*Please note that shopping carts are only allowed for use within the commercial area. Passengers are kindly requested to pay attention to the signs around the staircase to ensure their personal safety and the safety of those around them.

Quantity: 50 carts

Locations: Near Lotte Duty-Free Store, commercial corridor

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Self-service bag drop

You do not need to wait in a long queue just to check your baggage.

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Charging points

With charging ports and universal power sockets across the terminal, you can easily power up your devices whenever you need.

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Self-check-in Kiosk

A convenient way for you to check-in faster, select your preferred seat, print your boarding pass and handle some of the most tasks, especially when pressed for time.

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Since August 15, 2023, Da Nang International Terminal has implemented an Autogate system to speed up the processing time and provide the most convenient and smooth experience for passengers. Usage instructions: Proceed to the first gate and scan your passport and boarding pass. Move to the second gate, take a portrait photo, and scan your…

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Star Cafe

Located in a convenient area, Star Cafe serves you fast, and delicious meals that put a modern spin on traditional ingredients.

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Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade Kitchen is the ideal spot to calm your senses and delight your emotions with its pleasant flavours.

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Sleep pod

Sleepod provides you with a comfortably private place to get some rest at the airport whenever you want, especially when you have an early flight or a medium-term layover.

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Information Desk

We are here for all your emergency requests, regardless of the personal or flight-related issues. In case you need special assistance, in addition to your airlines, you can always count on us.

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Kids playground

With the playground, we make the waiting time more enjoyable for kids.

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Urban market

Bigbowl and Star Cafe, which are both part of the Urban Market chain, are known in Vietnam’s airports for serving authentic, tasty Vietnamese cuisine.

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Baby Stroller Area

We always put your comfort over anything. When traveling with infants, you can make use of our free baby stroller rental service.

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Puro Gusto

Puro Gusto is a coffee, pastry, and food chain distinguished by its contemporary appearance and focus on servicing young, dynamic, international customers. When you visit Puro Gusto, you will enjoy moments of peaceful leisure and imagined excursions across the globe of coffee, from the enchantment and liberalism of Italy to the simplicity and honesty of…

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Da Nang Kiosk

Stop into Da Nang Kiosk for flavours as rich as the hospitality of the locals, whether you need a moment to relax before your flight or a hearty snack in the meantime.

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Prayer room

The prayer room is designed for your spiritual needs before taking off.

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Burger King

Not in the mood for Asian food? Burger King is available 24/7. Signature dishes with distinct flavours are always available, as are gourmet dishes cooked with the highest care and love of deliciousness.

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Espresso to go

Espresso To Go is a store that offers an assortment of breads, pastries, hot beverages, and juices. Here you can find familiar international flavours of pastries, sandwiches, and muffins, plus incredible drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and mochas. Alternatively, you can spend your last few hours in Da Nang savouring the authentic flavours of…

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