4 captivating lakes that enrich your Central Vietnam journey

For those seeking a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist spots, natural lakes offer the perfect sanctuary. Each lake in Central Vietnam boasts its own distinctive allure, providing a peaceful setting and unique experiences. Below are the top four recommendations, according to locals. Join us as we explore these hidden gems and make them a part of your next exciting travel adventure!

Hoa Trung lake: Camping in the fairytale land

Hoa Trung Lake is renowned for its serene natural beauty, enveloped in varying shades of coolness and freshness. The lush green of the grasslands, the clear blue sky, and the vivid blue of the mirror-like lake surface all blend together to create a fairytale-like sanctuary, where everything feels serene and otherworldly. During the hot season, when the lake's water level is lowered, verdant hills and steppes are revealed, adding to the lake's unique charm and making it a popular destination for camping among the youth.

Besides the stunning scenery, the sounds here contribute to a wonderfully soothing experience. The gentle rustle of wind through the leaves, the cheerful chirping of birds in the branches, and the soft lapping of waves against the shore create a melodious, calming symphony that awakens all the senses.

According to locals, timing is everything when visiting Hoa Trung Lake. For the best experience, you should plan your visit during these two periods of the day:

  • From 6 AM to 9 AM: during this time, the lake offers cool, pleasant weather with a clear blue sky and mist-veiled mountains in the background, making it a dream destination for photography. 
  • Around 4 PM to 5 PM: it is time when the sunset casts its magical glow over the tranquil waters of Hoa Trung Lake, painting the sky with hues of gold and orange. 

Hoa Trung lake information:

  • Location: Hoa Lien – Hoa Ninh Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City (about 20 km from city center and 15 km from Ba Na Hills)
  • Admission fee: Free of charge. However, if you wish to experience additional activities, such as boating, there is a charge of 20,000 VND per person. Additionally, overnight camping services are available for 200,000 VND per tent.

Recommended activities: Camping, BBQs, wandering, photography, boating

Son Tho Lake: Into the embrace of nature

Nestled approximately 20 km from Hue, Son Tho Lake, also known as Khe Rung Lake, is a secluded haven that strikes a perfect balance between natural serenity and accessibility to modern comforts. Here, expansive stretches of lush green grass extend as far as the eye can see, combined with hills that undulate like gentle waves, creating a landscape of both grandeur and tranquility.

Sơn Tho lake is an ideal refuge from the hustle and bustle of urban life, offering a tranquil retreat for the soul. Visiting here, you can indulge in moments of utmost relaxation and tranquility while gazing upon the lush green prairie before you. Sometimes, simply lying on the grass, resting under the cool shade of forest trees, or gazing at the clear blue sky can be a highly effective form of healing. You can also experience the soothing feeling of strolling along the lakeside path or paddleboarding, enjoying the stunning lake views at sunset and sunrise. 

With its vast, level terrain, Son Tho Lake also proves ideal for camping. However, since it is a natural destination, you’ll need to prepare essential gear such as tents, sleeping bags, cooking stoves, mats, and food.

Son Tho Lake’s information

  • Location: Son Tho Village, Son Tra Town, Thua Thien Hue Province
  • Admission fee: Free of charge.

Recommended activities: Camping, BBQs, wandering, photography, paddleboarding

Khe Ngang Lake: A tranquil transition between Hue’s top attractions

Khe Ngang Lake is a renowned destination for photography and relaxation due to its proximity, just 12 km away from Hue City. Besides, it is conveniently located near Hue’s top attractions like Thien Mu Pagoda, Van Thanh Hue (Hue Temple of Literature), Khai Dinh Tomb, and Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda, making it a perfect stop for your Hue outskirt adventure.

In previous years, the lake was known only to locals and young camping enthusiasts. Since it appeared in some famous Vietnamese songs, it started attracting a large number of visitors to enjoy the scenery and overnight camping.

What makes Khe Ngang Lake truly special is its year-round beauty. Each season unveils a distinct charm that captivates visitors. In spring, the lake adorns itself in youthful greenery, adorned with vibrant blossoms in full bloom. Summer dazzles under the radiant golden sunlight, making it perfect for water-based recreational activities. Autumn paints the lake in shimmering golden hues, evoking a poetic atmosphere. Winter casts a serene and tranquil ambiance over the lake, offering a uniquely peaceful experience. 

If you have spare time, you can cycle from Hue to enjoy the poetic and charming scenery along the way. This experience is equally mesmerizing as the lake!

Khe Ngang Lake information

  • Location: Huong Ha Village, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue Province
  • Admission fee: Free of charge.

Recommended activities: Camping, BBQs, wandering, photography. However, due to its seclusion, if you are planning to a camping, especially overnight camping, to capture the beauty of dawn and dusk, you should prepare meals, drinks, anti-insect spray, and all the other picnic gear to ensure the highest comfort.

Truoi lake: A cinematic escape

Truoi Lake spans a vast area of more than 400 hectares, encircled by towering rock cliffs, lush pine forests, and a tranquil ambience. This place exudes a beauty that is both pristine and serene, possessing a magnetic allure that captivates anyone who visits here.

In the summer, Truoi lake is the best place to beat the heat of Hue City due to its refreshingly cool climate. In winter, especially in the early morning, the entire area is enveloped by the graceful mist, allowing visitors to take awe-inspiring photos. 

This serene lake is not only a visual delight but also a convergence point of several picturesque streams, including Hop Hai, Vung Thong, Ong Vien, and Ba Trai. Here, you can leisurely stroll alongside these streams, refresh yourself with a dip in their cool waters, or simply find a serene spot for sightseeing and relaxation. Situated close to other renowned attractions, visiting Truoi Lake in the early morning allows you to fully appreciate nature’s best while having enough time to explore nearby gems like the Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery and the Bach Ma Mountain.

Truoi Lake information

  • Location:  Loc Hoa Ward, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province
  • Admission fee: 500,000 VND per trip.
  • Recommended activities: BBQs, wandering, photography. You also have the option of embarking on a boat tour around the lake, priced at 240,000 VND per boat, which can carry up to 12 people.

We sincerely hope these recommendations above will help enhance your travel experience, add an extra layer of delight to your itinerary, and leave a memorable imprint on your journey. 

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