7 amenities designed for a smooth journey with your child at Da Nang International Terminal

Traveling with kids always needs a bit of flexibility and a lot of preparation. Often, unforeseen circumstances can present challenges. Have you got any plans for a vacation with your little one?

Below are some services and amenities that are designed to streamline your pre-boarding experience. They may potentially save you valuable time. If you plan your journey to Da Nang, consider checking this list in advance to ensure a smoother travel experience.

Free-of-charge baby strollers

In the terminal, we have set up two stroller stations for parents to use as needed. These strollers not only make it easy for families with little ones to navigate different areas but also offer handy storage for essential baby items like towels and diaper bags. Moreover, the stroller serves a dual purpose as a feeding seat, with an adjustable cradle frame that fits your baby’s sitting posture and a nap space when your child gets tired thanks to the comfy padding and canopy.

Location: Near the departure gates

After you pass the security check, you will find them just a few steps away, whether you turn left or right.

Mom and baby room, where convenience meets care

In unexpected situations, this room is the perfect spot to take care of your baby’s hygiene needs. It’s designed with an ergonomic touch, making diaper changes and clothing adjustments effortless. The spacious and comfortable atmosphere ensures your little ones are always at ease. Plus, if you’re looking for a quiet spot for nursing, don’t hesitate to stop by

Location: Near gates 1, 2, and 3, and gates 8, 9, and 10.

Additionally, we are expanding our facilities to offer more mom and baby rooms around the terminal to be capable of assisting parents anytime, anywhere.

Kids playgrounds near the departure gates

For our little adventurers, a family trip is more than just a journey; it’s a chance to explore, create lasting memories, and make new friends along the way. To keep them entertained and excited during the pre-boarding moments, our terminal has set up six mini playgrounds near departure gates. Just take a look around; you will easily spot them wherever you are.

These mini playgrounds not only add a touch of joy to their waiting time but also provide the perfect environment for children to socialize and play. Besides, they offer parents a comfy spot to keep an eye on their little ones while taking a well-deserved break nearby. If you find yourself a little tired during the trip but your kid is still full of energy, these playful zones are the best place to stop by!

Location: Near departure gates.


When your family needs a quick recharge before takeoff, especially when traveling with little ones, Sleepod becomes the perfect spot. Here we have prepared a warm blanket and pillow, soft light, an optimal temperature, and a secluded space to offer the perfect setting for a tranquil and comfortable nap.

Furthermore, this place not only provides a cozy spot for restful sleep but also allows parents to unwind while keeping an eye on their child, letting them rest in a comfortable way without the need for carrying. Additionally, moms can take advantage of its privacy for convenient nursing moments.

Location: Adjacent to the prayer room, near gates 8, 9, and 10.

Buffet corner with diverse culinary options

Uplifting your spirit for a new adventure generally begins with a heartwarming meal. At our buffet corner, you’ll find a wide range of fresh and warm delights, offering a wholesome feast that caters to both parents and children.

Alongside the well-known global menu, our terminal also prepares vegetarian options and various grains for families with a healthy and special dietary lifestyle. And, of course, we have local delights like pho, bun, and mien (Vietnamese noodles) waiting for you, too. If there’s any Vietnamese cuisine you haven’t tried on your journey, this is the perfect time to check it off your culinary checklist

Location: CIP Orchid Lounge 1 and CIP Orchid Lounge 2.

Family-friendly nap boxes with entertainment screen

At our terminal, we understand that every moment counts. That’s why our nap boxes are added to transform waiting times into delightful experiences for both parents and kids. They are places where you can entertain your little ones with their favorite movie or TV show or share a moment of excitement with them!

Location: CIP Orchid Lounge 1 and CIP Orchid Lounge 2

Duty-free zones, where culinary and shopping adventure start

Venturing on a leisurely walk around the terminal isn’t just about enjoyment; it’s a great experience designed to captivate your child’s curiosity. Why? It is because the vibrant decorations and an array of souvenir options that await at every step will turn your kid’s stroll into an exciting exploration.

During your micro-journey around the terminal, let’s not forget to treat your child to the delight of bubble tea, a quick snack, or a refreshing ice cream to infuse them with an extra burst of energy before takeoff. And for shopping convenience, you can take advantage of our pushcarts, which are added to free your hands!

At Da Nang International Terminal, we hope that these services and amenities will help enhance your travel journey with your little ones, making it not only smoother but also full of joy. Safe travels!


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