CIP Orchid Lounge, the refined ambiance for business travel

Business travel may initially evoke excitement, but with frequent journeys, everything that passengers may need is just a tranquil setting for relaxation or diving into their unfinished thoughts. For this purpose, our CIP Orchid Lounges have been designed to provide all essential amenities in a timely and pleasant way, which ultimately enriches their pre-boarding time.

Below is the list of amenities available at our CIP Orchid Lounge.

1. Private massage chair zone

The massage chair corner is the perfect spot for passengers who need a brief therapy to unwind and release all the accumulated tension after hours of work or meetings. It also offers a well-deserved pause to refresh both mind and body before their next professional engagement.

While various massage chair zones are strategically placed throughout the terminal, CIP Orchid Lounge 1 or 2 offers a more secluded and serene ambiance, providing the perfect setting for an undisturbed, comfortable break. Furthermore, CIP Orchid Lounges also offer a wide range of amenities tailored to diverse needs. So, if you’re in search of a place to spend your entire pre-boarding time, simply come and indulge in relaxation

2. The buffet counter, with a wide range of culinary delights

A delightful meal not only satisfies the taste buds but also has the power to create a positive mood, which ultimately contributes to increased productivity and focus during work-related activities. To kickstart your business journey with energy and joy, don’t miss the buffet counter at the CIP Orchid Lounges. 

Here, we have prepared a diverse menu featuring both Asian and Western cuisines, designed to cater to the cultural diversity and preferences of every traveler. Everything is served piping hot and frequently refilled to ensure the most satisfying experience. Additionally, we also provide vegetarian and special dietary options for those with specific needs. This ensures that every individual can find a satisfying and suitable meal to meet their preferences, religious beliefs, and health considerations.

The menu is regularly revised and updated to keep up with the ever-changing needs of passengers. So if you have some special requirements, just let us know so that we can improve and serve you better in the future.

3. Shower rooms for refreshing

For those frequently on the move with intense work schedules, let’s make the most of the pre-boarding time to rejuvenate body and mind, enhance confidence, boost energy levels, combat fatigue, or efficiently prepare for the upcoming overseas meeting. Passengers can locate the bathrooms in the Sleepod and CIP Orchid Lounges. Each of these facilities is equipped with modern hygiene amenities and essential supplies like shampoo, shower gel, and towels to ensure passengers’ utmost convenience.

4. Workstations

Heading to the airport with unfinished tasks or having urgent meetings? At CIP Orchid Lounges, passengers have the choice between workstations and comfortable corners, providing the perfect setting to dive into work swiftly. Passengers can take advantage of robust wifi connectivity, available computers, and other office equipment for last-minute changes, making final adjustments to presentations, reviewing documents, or refining business strategies.

In addition, these workstations also allow businessmen to work in a professional and confidential setting. This is particularly beneficial for tasks that require discretion.

Besies, you can also find fast-charging stations around these working spaces. They ensure that passengers can keep their laptops, tablets, and smartphones quickly charged, eliminating concerns about running out of battery power during their travels.

5. Comfortable nap boxes

After a long journey, maintaining focus during business meetings can be challenging. Nap boxes provide an opportunity for businessmen to refresh their minds. Here, passengers can find a private and comfortable seating area for relaxation, particularly beneficial during late-night or continuous flights to multiple countries. This space is also equipped with an entertainment screen, considerately positioned at eye level to help passengers of all ages indulge in their favorite movies or TV shows.

6. Smoking area for a moment of chill out

The smoking area serves not only as a perfect spot for de-stressing and reflection but also as a hub for fostering social interaction among like-minded professionals. At Da Nang International Terminal, we have prepared a dedicated smoking space that is infused with a touch of green and an airy ambiance to provide passengers with a tranquil environment to enjoy their time.

For busy individuals, combining a smoking break with necessary tasks like reviewing emails or making important phone calls can be an efficient use of time. Thus, they can take advantage of this smoking area for multitasking in a relaxing way.

All these amenities are available in CIP Orchid Lounge 1 and CIP Orchid Lounge 2 on the mezzanine floor of the restricted zone in Terminal 2. To quickly locate or navigate them, you can contact the Passenger Assistance Team (PAT) for support.

At Da Nang International Terminal, we always strive to not only ensure a seamless business travel experience but elevate it to a level of true enjoyment. Your comfort and satisfaction lie at the heart of our commitment, and we look forward to creating an environment where every aspect of your journey, from relaxation to productivity, is met with the utmost hospitality and care. May your time with us be both efficient and pleasantly memorable.


Da Nang International Terminal

Address: Da Nang International Airport, Hoa Thuan Tay ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city, Viet Nam

Phone: +84 (236) 381 7878 


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