Da Nang Food Guide: Don’t Miss Out on These Unique and Delicious Flavors

Da Nang is well-known not just for its beautiful sights but also for its delightful cuisine. With its remarkable and distinctive flavor, Danang food never fails to amaze visitors, especially those who are passionate about gastronomy. Are you wondering what famous Da Nang food and cuisines you should try during your trip? Look no further than our guide below, and don’t miss out on the must-try culinary experiences the city has to offer.

What sets Da Nang cuisine apart from others 

What makes Da Nang food so special is a cultural fusion, which creates a whole new experience for some popular Vietnamese dishes. It combines the spiciness of Hue, Vietnam’s former capital city, with the refinement of Quang Nam, creating a rustic yet well-rounded taste.

The secrets behind it are the broth and dipping sauce, which are considered the soul of Da Nang cuisine. Regarding the broth soup, its flavors are refreshing, simple yet still rich, and they never fail to satisfy anyone. If you have a chance to travel around Vietnam, you may find familiar dishes such as beef noodle soup, Quang-style noodles, and fish noodle soup have a very special and delicate taste in Da Nang when compared with other regions.

The dipping sauce is also very important because it is thought to be the heart of Da Nang’s food. For local people, the way to mix dipping sauce is not just a recipe; it has become an irreplaceable part of the culinary culture. If the dipping sauce is not good, then the dish is not complete, and vice versa. Each restaurant may have its own way of creating this sauce, but they all share the same value: flavorfulness without overwhelming the palate. Besides, the sauce is a little spicy, like Hue, but not so much that it would make those who don’t like spicy food feel uncomfortable.

In addition, the Da Nang street food is also worth a try. It’s not just a great place to eat, but also to learn about the local culture thanks to the lively and vibrant environment and friendly local chef.

Top 6 Da Nang famous foods that you should try at least once

If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, you definitely should not miss these signature cuisines:

1. Quang-style noodles

Top of the list is Quang-style noodles, a dish that locals and visitors often mention when asked about Da Nang’s specialties. The reason for this is that Quang-style noodles not only taste great but also look quite appetizing.

A bowl of Quang-style noodles consists of thin noodles combined with shrimp, meat, grilled rice paper, roasted peanuts, and a fragrant broth that will leave you mesmerized and unforgettable. The interesting thing about this dish is that you can add a little bit of spicy and sweet seasoning to enhance the flavor and make it even better.

Da Nang’s Quang-style noodles, in particular, are served in a more sophisticated style than in other provinces. In Da Nang, Quang-style noodles are served on a plate constructed of woven bamboo leaves rather than in a bowl, while the broth and meat are kept warm in a separate, smaller pot. This makes this dish more attractive to tourists who love to take photos.

2. Pork Rice Paper Rolls

This dish is a perfect combination of rice paper rolls with fresh vegetables and thinly sliced pork. However, Da Nang’s version has a slight difference from the original one in Quang Nam. The pork here is thinly sliced, with both ends being fat and the middle being lean meat instead of just the fatty pork belly as usual. You might think it would be greasy, but the balance of meat and fat is perfectly harmonized, delivering an appetizing burst of flavor.

Moreover, the highlight of this dish lies in the special dipping sauce. Although the aroma might be a bit strong, the taste is irresistible. You can adjust the flavor of the sauce by adding or reducing sugar, garlic, chili, and lime according to your preference. When you find the perfect taste of the dipping sauce, this will be a culinary exploration that you won’t regret!

3. Noodle with Fermented Fish Sauce

The noodle with fermented fish sauce is a combination of fatty pork belly, aromatic fresh herbs, and savory fermented fish sauce that creates a taste profile that is rare to be found elsewhere. The Da Nang-style noodle with fermented fish sauce adds a twist with beef sausage, which enhances the spicy and salty flavor.

Although some may find this dish not to their liking at first, once you have tried it, you will definitely love it. Next time you visit Da Nang, why don’t you give it a try?

4. Rice Cracker

Rice cracker, or “Banh Dap” in Da Nang, is a simple yet delicious dish that offers a unique experience of Da Nang cuisine. This crispy snack consists of a thin, crunchy rice paper with a layer of soft steamed rice pancake in the center, seasoned with scallion oil and fried shallots for extra flavor. Some places even add minced meat or shrimp to make it more satisfying.

The best way to enjoy rice crackers is by “cracking” them before eating to experience their distinctive texture, which is why they are called Banh Dap. This dish is usually served with a special fermented fish sauce. The people of Da Nang use pureed pineapple to balance the sweetness and sourness of the sauce, creating a taste that is unique to this region.

Make sure to enjoy it while it is still warm to fully savor the perfect combination of crispy and soft textures in every bite.

5. Da Nang-Style Steamed Rice Cakes

It will be a pity if you miss out on these Da Nang cuisines during your trip. There are three different variants of steamed rice cakes, namely “banh beo”, “banh nam” and “banh bot loc”. They are made the same way but have different ingredients and eating styles.

Banh beo is a small, steamed rice cake that is typically topped with a savory mixture of dried shrimp, scallions, and crispy pork rinds.

Although made from almost the same ingredients, banh nam has a different preparation and eating style. The rice flour is mixed with shrimp, minced pork, and onions, then poured onto banana leaves and steamed. When eating, you can feel the aroma of the leaves.

Meanwhile, banh bot loc is a combination of tapioca and cassava starch, steamed until chewy. You can freely choose fillings such as shrimp, fatty pork, or mung beans.

6. Fish Cake Noodle Soup

Fish cake noodle soup is always among the top favorites of Da Nang foods due to its distinct regional flavor. What sets this dish apart is its distinct broth, which is light, fragrant, and not too fatty. It’s made by simmering pure fish bones and a variety of fresh veggies like pumpkin and cabbage, resulting in a mildly sweet and refreshing flavor that’s not overly spiced.

The soup is accompanied by a mouth-watering array of toppings, including steamed and fried fish cake, as well as a thick slice of fresh tuna fish. Vegetables that are both healthy and visually appealing are served alongside the protein. If you’re a travel fan and also try to eat healthily, this dish is a great option for you.

For an added boost of flavor, a splash of lime juice and a small amount of fermented shrimp paste will do the trick. We guarantee that you will not regret attempting it.

Da Nang food guide for those seeking a street food experience

Where to go to find the best Da Nang street food? Look no further than the city’s lively street markets. Below are our top 4 favorite places rated by locals:

1. Con Market

You can easily enjoy a variety of street food and Da Nang cuisines right at Con Market without having to travel far. Con Market is divided into two attractive food areas: the Food Court and the Street Food. The Food Court area offers a wide range of dishes from light to heavy, from snacks to full meals, as well as desserts. Meanwhile, the Street Food area gives you a livelier vibe and a sense of local nightlife.

  • Address: 290 Hung Vuong Street, Vinh Trung Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Operating hours: The Food Court operates from 6 AM to 7:30 PM; the Street Food operates from 3 PM to 11 PM

2. Han Market

Han Market is another option if you want to enjoy the best foods in Da Nang while combining it with shopping or a souvenir hunting experience. This place is known as the “shopping paradise” for travelers due to its affordable prices and friendly salespeople.

After arriving in Da Nang, if you are hungry or do not want to go straight to your hotel, Han Market can be the first destination, as it only takes about 15 minutes to walk from the Da Nang International Terminal. However, it is noted that although the market is open until 10 PM, many stalls and good food are no longer available after 7 PM.

  • Address: 119 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Operating hours: 6 AM – 10 PM

3. Son Tra Night Market

The Son Tra Night Market in Da Nang is the city’s busiest and most exciting nighttime destination. Foodies will enjoy the various vendors selling everything from Da Nang’s famous food to international dishes. You may also get a taste of the local culture by attending concerts, buying souvenirs, and enjoying other entertaining activities and the Han River night view.

  • Address: Mai Hac De Street, An Hai Trung, Son Tra
  • Operating hours: 6 PM- Midnight

4. Hoa Khanh Night Market

Here, you can shop and dine without worrying about the cost, as prices are significantly lower than at other entertainment venues. Sometimes, one or two hundred thousand dongs is sufficient to savor many famous local cuisines. Furthermore, the market space is spacious, airy, and even has a free seating area for customers to enjoy food or rest.

However, you need to be careful while spending time here, as it is often crowded and complicated.

  • Location: Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Danang
  • Operating hours: 6 PM – Midnight

You may also combine sightseeing with a culinary adventure by strolling the streets of Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Le Thanh Nghi Street, and the Helio Night Market (Hai Chau district)… Here you may find a wide variety of Da Nang’s best food, from main dishes to snacks, sweets to savory treats, and family meals to joyful drinks. Additionally, some venues feature live music performances, which can also enhance your evening experience.

If your Viet Nam journey starts at the Da Nang International Terminal, it is also a great place to refuel before continuing your adventure, as it serves both local specialties and worldwide favorites.

→ Explore the food options at Danang International Terminal

Da Nang is a city with a rich culinary culture and diverse food options that are sure to satisfy any food lover’s taste buds. From traditional dishes passed down through generations to modern fusion cuisine, here you will find it all. So why wait? Come and explore the vibrant food culture that Da Nang has to offer, and let us welcome you with open arms and doors to a world of culinary delights!


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