Da Nang Itinerary: What to Do and Where to Go Within 72 Hours

If you have about 3 days in Da Nang, there’s nothing to be in a hurry about. The only thing to be noted is to arrange a well-balanced itinerary to explore most of the city while ensuring time for rest and relaxation.

Additionally, you can visit famous beaches, temples, scenic spots, and tourist destinations such as Hoi An Ancient Town (40km away) or Cu Lao Cham (approximately 25 km away). However, be sure to plan your journey in advance to optimize your travel time, as many famous destinations are on the same route.

If you need some recommendations for your 72 hours in Hoi An, below are some local insights to make the most of your journey!

Day 1: Tien Sa Beach - Marble Mountains - Hoi An

  • Morning

Tien Sa Beach is an unspoiled shore of the Son Tra Peninsula. With its poetic and peaceful scenery, it is the perfect destination to enjoy the morning sea as well as relax and tap into the mind-body connection. Besides, there are also many lively activities to enjoy, such as kayaking, coral snorkeling, beach volleyball, and more.

  • Noon

Enjoy a delightful seafood lunch at a beachside restaurant. If you’re new to Vietnamese-style seafood, this culinary adventure promises to be a delightful and unique experience.

Besides, before settling in for your meal, it’s essential to inquire about the prices beforehand. Being informed in advance will help you avoid any potential dissatisfaction or surprises.

  • Afternoon

From Tien Sa Beach, it is convenient to visit many nearby renowned tourist spots in the Marble Mountains, such as:

– Linh Ung Pagoda where you can find breathtaking mountain and sea views and the 67-meter-high-statue of Lady Buddha.

– The cave systems in the Marble Mountains, like Huyen Khong Cave and Am Phu Cave, etc.

Explore the Marble Mountains’ highlights 

  • Evening

Hoi An Ancient Town before and after sunset are totally different. During the daytime, the town exudes a vintage charm, where warm sunshine enhances the picturesque yellow walls, moss-covered roofs, and historical or architectural sites. As evening sets in, Hoi An comes alive with a mesmerizing display of colorful lanterns, creating a magical ambiance filled with cultural activities to delight in. Each moment holds its own timeless beauty, making it worthwhile to plan your visit around 3–4 PM to enjoy both worlds while avoiding the midday heat.

As you are looking for something tasty for dinner, do not forget to try these local delicacies: Cao Lau, Hoi An bread, Mi Quang (Quang-style noodles), and com ga (Hoi An-style chicken rice).

Day 2: Ba Na Hills – Dragon Bridge – Han River Cruise

  • Morning

After fueling up your energy with a savory breakfast, schedule your visit to Ba Na Hills, the top-notch tourist destination in Da Nang.

Located atop Chua Mountain at an elevation of 1487m above sea level, Ba Na Hills offer you breathtaking panoramic views and the unique experience of all four seasons in just one day. Besides, don’t miss the architectural beauty of the French Village, the delightful Sun Square, and of course, the iconic and awe-inspiring Golden Bridge.

  • Noon

You can enjoy lunch at the Ba Na Hills’s restaurants. Here, you can find a diverse range of international cuisines, from European to Asian, and a variety of unique specialties to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Afternoon

Next on your Ba Na Hills adventure is the captivating Fantasy Park, the largest indoor amusement park in Vietnam. With more than 105 games catering to all preferences, from gentle to thrilling, this park guarantees an unforgettable experience for families and friends alike. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of classic French castles, which will transport you to a realm of wonder.

Alternatively, if you crave more of Ba Na Hills’ natural beauty, embark on a cable car journey to explore its various stops. Each destination holds its own unspoiled charm, and half a day won’t be enough to fully savor all the picturesque landscapes and hidden gems this stunning area has to offer.

  • Evening

To finish the second day of the Da Nang trip, it is better to begin with the heart of this city.

– Special cuisines that you shouldn’t miss out on: “be thui Cau Mong” (Cau Mong-style grilled beef), “mi Quang” (Quang-style noodles), and Goi ca trich Nam O (Nam O-style Raw Herring Salad).

– Popular places that are must-visit for a city’s night tour: Han River area, Dragon Bridge, and night markets.

Explore more at: Da Nang’s top attractions and Tourist spots

In addition to the other attractions, don’t forget to indulge in a serene cruise along the Han River. This leisurely journey will treat you to breathtaking views of the riverbanks and the lively bridges of Da Nang.

Day 3: My Khe Beach - Da Nang Museum - Food Square

  • Morning

On your final day, don’t miss the chance to catch the poetic sunrise at My Khe Beach, which is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. Besides, My Khe Beach is also famous for its gentle waves all year round, making it a great spot for swimming, surfing, or kayaking.

  • Noon

Take this as an opportunity to try the remaining items on your culinary must-try list. For lunch, our top recommendations are “bun mam nem” (fermented fish noodle soup), “banh trang cuon thit heo” (Da Nang Rice Paper Pork Rolls), etc.

  • Afternoon

For an enriching afternoon adventure, we highly recommend visiting the Da Nang Museum. This is an ideal place for those who are interested in Central Vietnam’s history, culture, and art. Here, visitors can explore various exhibitions, from ancient artifacts to contemporary art from the diverse ethnic groups in the region. It is a good educational experience for families traveling with kids or those who are eager to gain deeper insights into the new culture.

  • Evening

If you need to go to Da Nang International Terminal before 10 PM to depart, do not miss the “Heritage Road” show, which offers a unique performance showcasing various local art forms. This experience allows passengers to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Central Vietnam and unwind gently before the flight.

3 days is not too long, but it is enough to experience all the best of what Da Nang has to offer. At Da Nang International Terminal, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival, ready to provide you with a warm and hospitable welcome. Let us be your gateway to an extraordinary journey filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. See you soon!


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