For a smoother journey with little ones at Da Nang International Terminal

How do you make your travels with kids hassle free and enjoyable? Check out our quick tips below to make the most of your time at our terminal, especially if it’s your first time traveling with kids.

How do you make your travels with kids hassle free and enjoyable? Check out our quick tips below to make the most of your time at our terminal, especially if it's your first time traveling with kids.

Travel procedures preparation for your little companions

Documentation is one of the most critical aspects that traveling parents need to consider. Depending on the child's age and nationality, there may be different requirements for documentation. Parents should contact the airline for specific advice on regulations for each case. Below are some general considerations:

Required documents for children departing from Vietnam

Children under 2 years old

According to airline recommendations, infants under 1 week old are not permitted to fly due to the effects of air pressure. Therefore, parents should carefully consider travel plans before arranging trips.

For infants under 1 month old:

  • The birth certificate (original or certified copy) is required.
  • For premature or immunocompromised infants, a supplementary hospital health examination certificate (valid for 6 months) is necessary.
  • If the birth certificate is not available, a hospital birth confirmation document (not exceeding 30 days) can be used instead.

For children from 1 month to under 2 years old:

  • The birth certificate (original or certified copy) is required.
  • Note that on return flights, if the child is already 2 years old or older, the airline will apply new fare rules for corresponding age.

Children aged from 2 to 12 years old

A child in this age group must travel with an adult aged 18 or older, who can be a parent or authorized guardian. The following documents will be required:

  • The birth certificate (original or certified copy) and passport are required.
  • Parental authorization letter: If the child is not traveling with both parents, a document confirming the familial relationship with verification from the local police chief at the place of residence is required.

To ensure safety and comfort for children traveling with guardians, parents should also consider the following:

  • Select a responsible adult aged 18 or older who is capable of caring for and assisting the child throughout the journey, including check-in, baggage collection, security clearance, etc., to ensure that the child feels at ease, especially if it’s their first time flying.
  • Provide detailed instructions to the guardian regarding the child’s needs, preferences, and health condition for optimal care.

Children aged from 12 years old

For children aged 12 and above, the required air travel procedures are not significantly different from those for adults. However, the following documents are still required:

  • Original birth certificate or certified copy for children under 14 years old.
  • National identification card for children aged 14 and above. If a national identification card is not available, an alternative identification document issued by the local ward/commune authorities can be used as a substitute.
  • A passport is mandatory for international flights.
  • Note that at this age, children are still not allowed to travel alone internationally. Some airlines may allow children to travel domestically alone, but parental or legal guardian consent is required, along with compliance with each airline’s specific regulations.

Required documents for international children arriving in Vietnam

For a smoother and more seamless immigrant experience, below are some additional documents that foreign children should prepare in comparison with Vietnamese ones.

  • Passport: The passport must have at least 5 years of validity remaining and cannot be extended.
  • Visa: Depending on the child’s nationality, some countries are exempt from visas when traveling to Vietnam, such as Japan, France, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Southeast Asian countries, and more.
  • Travel document or temporary/permanent residence card (if applicable).
  • In case of lost passport, a confirmation document from the local authority where the passport was lost or from the home country’s consulate is required.


  • When checking in, parents must present all the above documents to the airline staff and control department. It is recommended to contact the airline before the flight to get specific advice on regulations for children of foreign nationality.
  • Prepare copies of all documents in case of loss.

Customized amenities for children and parents at Da Nang International Terminal

To ensure a comfortable and convenient journey for passengers traveling with young children, Da Nang International Terminal offers the following amenities and facilities:

  • Baby strollers: These strollers are available to help parents move around easily while keeping their hands free to care for their children. You can easily find them along the way after passing through securities. 
  • Mother and baby rooms: A quiet space equipped with all necessary amenities for changing diapers, cleaning up, and even a bottle warmer.
  • Nursing room: A private area near the boarding gates for comfortable breastfeeding or pumping.
  • Dining and shopping area: It is where a wide range of fun and local uniqueness await. 
  • Sleepods: Private and comfortable resting spaces for the whole family.
  • Mini playgrounds: Featuring six unique themes to entertain children of all ages, these mini playgrounds provide a fun and engaging space for kids during the pre-boarding period. Conveniently located near every boarding gate, they allow children to play and have fun without disturbing other passengers.

For a more luxurious experience, you can opt for the CIP Orchid Lounges. Below are some exclusive amenities you can find in these lounges:

  • Buffet counter: A variety of delicious food options suitable for passengers of all ages.
  • Nap Box: Mini sleeping rooms with modern entertainment screens, allowing children to watch movies and relax.

Discover more at: 7 amenities designed for a smooth journey with your child at Da Nang International Terminal

Outside our terminal, there are some Instagram-worthy spots that you can explore. We recommend taking memorable photos with the adorable Helpy mascot statue, marveling at the giant color-changing globe, or strolling through the lush green garden. These locations offer fantastic settings for capturing beautiful and unforgettable moments.

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We sincerely hope these recommendations above will help enhance your travel experience, add an extra layer of delight to your itinerary, and leave a memorable imprint on your journey. 

At Da Nang International Terminal, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival, ready to provide you with a warm and hospitable welcome. Let us be your gateway to an extraordinary journey filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. See you soon!


Da Nang International Terminal

Address: Da Nang International Airport, Hoa Thuan Tay ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city, Viet Nam

Phone: +84 (236) 381 7878 


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