May be you miss these natural wonders in Quang Nam

Done with all the must-visit spots in Da Nang? Well, if you’re up for a dose of nature that’s just as stunning as Da Nang’s iconic landmarks, Quang Nam is calling your name. Away from the joyful and lively crowd, a whole different world of tranquility awaits those willing to venture off the beaten path. Are you curious about these unusual tourist locations? Let’s have a look!

Phu Ninh Lake - a charm of lyrical quietness

Phu Ninh Lake is a picturesque artificial lake located in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. It is often referred to as the mini-version of Ha Long, Vietnam, due to its scenic beauty and a system of 32 small islands. 

The best way to fully appreciate Phu Ninh Lake and its surrounding scenic beauty is to take a boat tour. The boat ride will offer you a breathtaking view that engages all senses, as well as the perfect setting for a captivating photo shoot. 

For those who enjoy sightseeing, it’s a visual feast. The gentle flow of the lake, combined with the lush greenery and surrounding mountains, creates a peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for relaxation and spiritual retreats, especially when you have a long vacation. Here, time is slow; just unwind, relax, and let yourself be lost in this lyrical silence. 

For those keen on fishing, boating, and swimming, the warm climate from January to August makes it a favorable time for these activities, as it is warm in the morning and chilly in the evening.

Phu Ninh Lake isn’t just about natural beauty; it also offers a range of entertainment services to enrich your experience:

  • Exploring Monkey Island, home to friendly and well-trained monkeys, where you can snap photos and learn about their fascinating habits.
  • Immersing yourself in the therapeutic waters of hot mineral springs, rejuvenating your body, and preparing for the next adventure.
  • Experiencing Vietnam’s longest zipline cable car with a great panoramic and adventurous view.

Thanh Mountain - the multi-dimensions of joy

Nui Thanh, or Thanh Mountain, is a perfect destination for those seeking a diverse exploration experience within a limited timeframe. Here, every step feels like flipping through the pages of a magical storybook, unveiling the wide range of natural charm it holds. 

Upon reaching Nui Thanh, the first thing to do is head to Rang Beach (Bai Rang). As soon as the sun rises, the water gracefully recedes, revealing large rocks adorned with a row of verdant willows, crafting an utterly picturesque scene. This offers a romantic setting to enjoy the sunrise and savor freshly caught seafood along the shore.

For a break from coastal life, you can venture to the Ho Giang Thom Waterfall, a 20-meter-high waterfall. Tailored for adventure seekers, this destination unveils the grandeur of mountains and forests along perilous, bumpy, and rocky paths. Ascending from downstream to upstream, you will encounter a lot of small water holes nestled between large rocks. With crystal-clear water, they are perfect for stream bathing and picnic gatherings.

At the end of the day, we highly recommend you head to Vung Hoa An for a wonderful sunset. Just sitting on one of the many enormous rocky riverbanks around Vung Hoa An, you will get a perfect view of the setting sun. From 6:00 p.m. onwards, the area offers camping and BBQ party services. You can stay there to enjoy the BBQ night, savour the detectable local cuisine, and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Dong Giang tea hill - A pure and romantic natural beauty

In Quang Nam, “Doi che Dong Giang,” or Dong Giang tea hill, is a must-visit place for healing experiences due to its naturally tranquil landscape.

At the break of dawn, a graceful layer of mist blankets Dong Giang Tea Hill, blending seamlessly with the soft sunlight and casting a peaceful and poetic aura over the mountains. This scene exudes a profound sense of calmness, inviting sightseers to relax and embrace the serenity. It is so beautiful that many travelers take advantage of this period to come here for picturesque wedding photos or simply to escape the daily normal.

As soon as the morning mist lifts and the sun comes up, you will be greeted by expansive views of verdant tea beds that merge with the warm rays of the sun and the refreshing wind. It’s also the perfect time to join locals in the age-old tradition of tea picking because of the pleasant weather. Following this hands-on activity, reward yourself with a cup of fragrant, freshly brewed tea to explore the unique aftertaste and refresh the body and mind. 

There is a tea factory nearby where you can visit and learn about the traditional Vietnamese tea producing process. Keep in mind that the factory closes after sunset, so planning your visit in advance ensures you won’t miss this enlightening experience.

The optimal time to visit Dong Giang Tea Hill is during the spring season (from February to April). During this period, the weather is pleasantly cool, and the vibrant green tea gardens are in full harvest mode, providing an ideal setting for both enjoyment and photography.

Alternatively, another fantastic time to explore the tea hill is in the fall, specifically from August to October. During this season, the tea leaves undergo a captivating transformation, taking on a golden hue that paints a picturesque scene across the landscape.

We sincerely hope these recommendations above will help enhance your travel experience, add an extra layer of delight to your itinerary, and leave a memorable imprint on your journey.

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