The Cham Sculpture Museum in Da Nang has the noble mission of preserving the treasures of their era and spreading ethnic pride.


This museum is an unmissable gem in Da Nang. With meticulously crafted sculptures that echo the whispers of the past, the Museum of Cham Sculpture will take you on a journey through time to rediscover the timeless beauty of ancient culture. So, what intriguing experiences await you here? Let’s explore with us!

What makes the Museum of Cham Sculpture so special?

1. The artistic collection of culture

The Museum of Cham Sculpture in Da Nang holds captivating surprises with each step you take. Its core gem is the central exhibition hall, where a wide range of precious national artifacts come to life.

Here, you may encounter many fascinating works, such as the intricately carved statues mirroring human figures. Besides, you can also find sculpture collections that portray the spiritual and cultural world of the ancient Cham people. These masterpieces depict everything from natural phenomena to deeply held beliefs, bringing to life the spiritual realm through the forms of legendary creatures. 

For some people, these sculptures serve as “historical pages,” artfully written in a language that unveils the cultural transformations of the Cham people across the ever-flowing river of time.

2. The portal to the past era

On the second floor, you’ll find an exhibit showcasing vibrant ethnic costumes adorned with traditional patterns and earthy tones. They perfectly reflect the art of traditional weaving and craftsmanship that will sure to leave you in awe.

As you go further into this floor, you will find displays of musical instruments and lively Cham festive celebrations. This area harmoniously combines physical artifacts with digital visuals, offering an immersive journey into their rituals and lifestyle.

3. The Instagrammable architecture

Indeed, beyond the historical treasures, the museum’s Gothic-style architecture is an attraction in itself. As you explore the courtyard, the combination of vibrant green moss and delicate white porcelain flowers against the architectural backdrop creates an ambiance that wraps you in serenity and wonder.

As you go along the corridors, sunlight gently pours through each archway, casting enchanting shadows on the statues. It’s like nature’s own photo studio, offering the perfect setting for those trending Instagram shots.

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Some important notes when visiting the Museum of Cham Sculpture

  • Take advantage of the “Cham audio”: The museum now provides a technological platform to help you better understand the age, origin, meaning, and stories behind each artifact, almost like having a real tour guide. Simply connect your phone to the museum’s Wi-Fi, scan the QR code next to the artifact description, and you can access Cham Audio.
  • Dress appropriately: The Museum of Cham Sculpture is a cultural and religious site, so it’s important to dress respectfully. Avoid clothing that is too short, revealing, or provocative.
  • Respect the sculptures: The museum houses numerous valuable and historically significant sculptures, so it’s essential not to touch them.
  • Use guided tours: If you want a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and significance of the Cham sculptures, consider using the services of a tour guide.
  • Be careful when taking photos: While the museum allows photography, be mindful not to disturb other visitors or damage the sculptures while taking pictures.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Keep the museum and its surroundings clean and avoid any actions that could harm the environment.

Despite being an ethnic minority in Vietnam, the Cham people have made significant contributions to the nation’s cultural development. The Cham Sculpture Museum in Da Nang has the noble mission of preserving the treasures of their era and spreading ethnic pride. If you have an artistic soul, visiting the museum is a must to appreciate visual art and enrich your cultural experience.

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