My Son Sanctuary is a trace of the ancient Champa civilization, encapsulating the cultural richness and timeless elegance of the forgotten kingdom.


My Son Sanctuary is a trace of the ancient Champa civilization, encapsulating the cultural richness and timeless elegance of the forgotten kingdom. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site, My Son Sanctuary promises to be a destination that offers unparalleled exploration into the culture of both Da Nang and the wider Central Vietnam region.

What makes My Son Sanctuary so special?

1. The architectural mastery

The distinctiveness of My Son Sanctuary lies in its grand ancient towers, a fusion of Cham Pa and Indian architectural styles. Here, you’ll be captivated by the art of craftsmanship that went into creating these structures centuries ago. Without modern bonding materials or advanced technology, the vibrant red bricks have remained tightly interlocked for centuries, defying the test of time.

As you step into the temple complex, you’ll find yourself transported to another era. Within its walls, the history of mighty dynasties is retold through intricate carvings and exquisite artwork adorning every wall, roof, and pillar.

2. The vibrant Cham’s culture

Not only preserving the tangible heritage, My Son Sanctuary also brings the spiritual world of Cham culture to life via a variety of art performances and festivals. Among these, the Katê Festival takes the spotlight as it draws thousands of tourists each year. Participating in this festival, all your senses come alive to the graceful dance swaying, the rhythmic drumbeat, and the gentle white smoke of incense during prayer rituals.

Moreover, the Apsara performance is another timeless beauty of Cham’s culture. These dances are often performed during special Cham events. Dressed in beautiful clothes, the graceful young dancers move in harmony with lively melodies that will make you feel like witnessing the flowers blooming by the towers.

3. The poetic landscape

My Son Sanctuary is embraced by mountainous greenery, with streams and waterfalls flowing through rocky terrain. Nature has gifted this highland area with a serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to relax and capture unforgettable moments, especially for photography enthusiasts!

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When is the best time to visit My Son Sanctuary?

  • Spring (from February to April): The beginning of the year is when a burst of natural beauty as lush greenery and blooming, vibrant flowers create an invigorating atmosphere for this serene site.
  • Autumn (from September to November): The weather during this time is pleasant, with mild temperatures and a perfect balance between warmth and coolness. Exploring the sanctuary during this season ensures you can enjoy its wonders at any time without worrying about sudden rain.
  • The 15th day of the first lunar month (around February or March): during this time you can immerse yourself in the traditional Katê festival of the Cham people.

Some important notes when visiting My Son Sanctuary 

  • Footwear: Bring comfortable sports or walking shoes for easy exploration of the area.
  • Apparel: Pack a light jacket or windbreaker, as the weather at My Son Sanctuary can get chilly.
  • Respectful Behavior: During your visit, maintain calm and respectful manners. Avoid loud noises, shouting, running, or littering to preserve the historical site’s sanctity.
  • Children: If you’re with children, provide guidance and remind them not to run or jump in restricted areas to avoid any harm to historical remains.
  • Photography: Follow the guidelines and refrain from using flash photography to prevent potential damage to historical structures and ensure a comfortable experience for other visitors.
  • Cultural Exploration: My Son Sanctuary offers not only breathtaking landscapes but also an opportunity to delve into the history and culture of Vietnam. Consider this a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, seeking tranquility and mental balance.

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